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The Drey Gallery, Toronto

Double Rainbow        

solo exhibition

May 2022

The Drey Gallery, Toronto presents a solo exhibition of new sculptural work from artist Michael Stecky.


Jigsaw puzzles, before completion, exist in an abstracted state with an embedded set of rules for transformation into a photographic image.


Stecky’s series of sculptural paintings or assemblages explore the idea of an alternative organization of puzzle pieces.


The overpainted puzzle images influence the artwork’s organization, acting as a schematic for a new work. The repetition of pattern and colour creates a magnetic energy below the surface.


The compositions read at once within the tradition of abstract modernist paintings but also suggest textile works or the modular nature of data streams.


The exhibition title considers the premise of the double rainbow being a rainbow and its shadow self, composed of both intense colour and monochromatic black or dark elements.

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